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Heritage Ale

American Amber Ale // ABV 5.6% // IBU 34

With a goal of making a good beer you would want to drink after a long hike in the woods, Heritage Ale turned out to be just that! A beer that goes down well pretty much anytime, but especially after a hard day of work or play. This amber ale showcases a rich caramel maltiness with an equally rich amber color amplified by an addition of Bloody Butcher corn. Willamette hops provide a mild earthy spice that rounds out the sweetness. Both Bloody Butcher corn and Willamette hops are grown on the farm.

Dusty Sunset
Wheat Beer // ABV 4.9% // IBU 23


We brewed this beer with dusty harvest time sunsets in mind. Sometimes after a long day in the field you just want a light refreshing beer ...well this is the one! However, this one deserves more attention than just during those Midwestern sunsets in the fall, so it will be more than just a seasonal. This clean, crisp wheat hits the spot any day of the week(or season) with notes of orange and a little Belgian spice.

Rats In The Cellar

Belgian Blonde // ABV 6.7% // IBU 18

We're pulling out the Rats In The Cellar! No that doesn't mean this is our subpar brew. On the contrary, the name was reserved for a special beer being named after a story about my Great Grandfather who used to brew beer on the farm close to 100 years ago(no actual rats involved). It is well rounded with a grainy-sweet malt character, earthy spicy hop nose, and just the right amount of orange spice flavor throughout each drink.

Märzen // ABV 6.3% // IBU 20

Enjoy fall seasonal brews and also something a little different? This is the beer for you! This Oktoberfest carries a smoky twist thanks to Cherrywood smoked malt added to the grain bill. Classic Märzen flavors get rounded out by spending a full three months in our lagering well. Pairs well with any fall time food ...actually any food! ...or by itself on a walk around the farm!

Wash House IPA

White IPA // ABV 6.6% // IBU 58

Have you had a chance to hear the background of our taproom building? Stop in to the Wash House, enjoy a cold Wash House IPA, and get the history! This White IPA is packed with flavor that will leave you intrigued and wanting more. It touts bold flavors of bitter orange peel and coriander, balanced out with a nice hop profile.
Harvest Haze

NEIPA // ABV 8.5% // IBU 42

Brewed as a last hoorah to the IPA season ...even though we drink them all year long. Think clean malt background with a heavy hop and fruit forward blast that masks that 8.5. As fall evenings get cool and crisp, this one follows suit, so kick back and enjoy the changing of the seasons and some Harvest Haze!
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